How do I upload my YouTube videos?

You can connect directly to your YouTube account and migrate your channel content to BitTube.

  1. Log in to BitTube and select Upload Media.
  2. Click on Connect now.

    1. Click on Authorize.
    2. Click on the account that you want to connect. If you have more Google accounts at your device follow steps from 3 to 6, if not go to step 7.
    3. Youtube Auth needs to be removed. Click on Ok.
    4. Click on BitTube Integration with YouTube.
    5. Click on Disable access and Accept.
    6. Go again to Connect to youtube at BitTube and click Authorize.
    7. Click at the account that you want to connect.
    8. Click Allow to give permission to BitTube to view your videos and playlists.
    9. A list of your YouTube videos will appear.
    10. Select the videos you wish to upload.
    11. Optional. Change the title and description. Write tags to optimize your search apearance, press enter (return on Mac) between each tag.
    12. Click on Start import.
    13. Check the progress bar, when is finished it shows Done.

Once imported to BitTube your videos will not be shown on your YouTube videos list.

To import more YouTube accounts click on  Unauthorize  then click on Yes, proceed! and follow the steps from 3 to 13.

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