Why should upload videos to BitTube and not directly to IPFS?

You may wonder what is the reason to upload your content to BitTube and not directly to IPFS, given that any content uploaded to BitTube ultimately gets hosted on IPFS.

While you certainly can upload your content directly to IPFS and still benefit of the decentralization offered by that network, there is an array of benefits you get by publishing your content on BitTube instead:

  • Your content gets exposed on BitTube, whereas IPFS alone does not help your content to be discovered in any way;
  • You can make money with your content on BitTube, while maintaining all the benefits of having your content on IPFS;
  • Less popular content wouldn’t be maintained using IPFS; whereas BitTube is configured to work with IPFS a little differently in order to achieve media persistence: even less popular content will be still available on IPFS when published to BitTube;
  • BitTube provides a handy embed feature that helps to embed videos on other websites.

Are you convinced? Sign up for a BitTube account today and start publishing.

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