How much will viewers earn on BitTube?

The Airtime article states that 6% (20% of 30%) of the total block reward is reserved for viewers. Currently, this gives us 26.6 coins per 2-minute block or 13.3 per minute.

We can do the same calculations here but on a more sensible basis of 60 minutes of accrued watch time. To make our lives easier, let’s assume that 10,000 concurrent viewers compete for this reward pool:

Viewer rewards = ( 13.3 ÷ 10,000 ) × 60 ≈ 0.08 TUBE per hour ≈ 2 per day

This might not look like much, but similarly, there are two extremes here, the least favorable one described above. At some instances (when most of the world is sleeping, for example) you might only be sharing the reward pool with 1,000 other viewers, meaning a tenfold increase.

If you want to know more about Airtime beginning click here.

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