What to do if you get “Transaction size is too big” error

That means that the number of bytes required to sign your transaction is too high.

Why does this happen?

This can happen because, with Blockchain technology, you can only spend Unspent Transaction Outputs (UXTO): each UXTO needs some bytes for the signature, and if the amount you want to spend is composed by many small UXTO (a lot of small incoming transactions, in other words), that may accrue to too many bytes.

Moreover, your transaction needs to take into account the Anonymity Level (which is the Ring Size of your transaction, or the number of transaction with which your own transaction will be mixed in order to improve privacy, remember?). As the Ring Size increases, so does the size in bytes of the transaction you are trying to send.

How to solve the “Transaction size is too big” error

  1. Try to divide your transaction into smaller batches: for example, instead of sending 100 TUBE in one single transaction, try to send 10 transactions of 10 TUBE each;
  2. Try to decrease the Anonymity Level to 0 (decreasing ring size), or any level you are comfortable with.

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