Check transaction status

1. Open your GUI wallet.
2. Wait until it is Synchronized.
3. Click on History on the left menu.
4. Select the date interval adjusting the “from” and “to” dates.
5. Sort it by Block height or by Date.
6. Check the transaction hash and the payment ID.
*For each transaction: you can look up your transaction hash or payment ID on the Blockchain Explorer to get information about the status of your transaction.

Unconfirmed transactions

It usually means that it has just been submitted and it will likely be included in the next block, which should happen within 2 minutes.

In some cases, when the network is very congested it may happen that your transaction stays unconfirmed for longer.

If that happens, you can try to send your transaction again with a higher Transaction priority, and this should overwrite your previous transaction.

Any unconfirmed transaction will be erased 24 hours after its submission. However, it’s important to remember that your TUBE will not leave your wallet until the transaction is confirmed.

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