How do I restore my wallet with GUI?

 1. Visit BitTube Wallet releases page and click on the zip file according to your operating system.
 2. Open the downloaded file.
 3. Save the wallet files to your desired location.
 4. Open the wallet.
 5. Select your language.
 6. Click on restore wallet from keys or mnemonic seed.
 7. Type a name in the wallet name field to give a unique name to your wallet.
Choose an option to restore:
A) Restore from seed (default): paste the seed in the box.A) Restore from seed (default): paste the seed in the box.
B) Restore from keys: Select the option and fill all the fields.
C) From QR Code: Upcoming.
 8. Click the right arrow.
 9.  Enter a password twice.
10. Click the right arrow.
      Optional: Choose “Start a node automatically” or “Connect to a remote node”.
11. Click the right arrow.
12. Click Use BitTube.

13. Please wait until the wallet is fully synchronized (the Network status shows “connected” and both bars are green).

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