BitTube wallet apps

A wallet address is automatically generated at the moment of your sign up. To get details, send and receive transactions navigate to the menu icon and click "Wallets". 

However, if you would like to create more wallet addresses you can download a GUI offline wallet software where you can create an address book and manage advanced settings.

To use BitTube wallet on mobile download our wallet apps.

The mobile wallet app allows you to login with your extension account credentials and your extension and credit card wallet addresses will be automatically synchronised including current balance and transaction history.

How to import (restore) my wallet using the mobile app.

Incase you wand to restore a wallet address manually, skipping the login or an address created with the GUI or from the video platform wallets you can do that with your private key or mnemonic seed. Some people could prefer to manage their wallet addresses in this way for better security and privacy.

Open BitTube wallet app:

Step 1: Use the "+" symbol to open the select action menu.

Step 2. Tap on "Restore wallet from private key"

Step 3. Give your wallet a name.

Step 4: Create password (optional).

Step 5: Input your wallet address (public key).

Step 6: Input view key.

Step 7: Input Spend key (private key).

Step 8: Input Restore Height or Date (YYYY-MM-DD).
An easy option to restore all your previous transactions is to input the date before you created your wallet address. The wallet app will synchronise with all the blocks containing information about your wallet address.

More advanced way if you want to restore the wallet from a certain block height.

"Restore height"- this is the block number containing the information about creating wallet addresses and/or transactions. To get that number navigate to the details about the first transaction you made for this address (spent/received), then visit and input the transaction hash, you will see the block number on the left side of the displayed table.


Wallet doesn't show the same balance as the online wallet, what should I do?
In most cases it means you have entered a wrong date or block heigh in step 8. To be able to correct this you will have to start the process from the beginning. An option is in step 8 to input "0" (zero) In this way the wallet will synchronise the whole BitTube blockchain which can take up to several hours.

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