How to mine TUBE inside the GUI wallet (Windows only)

The BitTube GUI wallet features in the windows version a built-in miner and it takes only a few clicks to get started. Linux and Mac versions will come soon.

Links to download:

BitTube Wallet

BitTube Miner

The recommended settings will be suitable for most users, but you can choose to dedicate all or just a part of your computer’s CPU and GPU resources.

The miner will automatically detect your CPU core count. Use the drop-down menu to select how many you want to dedicate to mining. To add additional hashing power, include your GPU by ticking the corresponding boxes. Mining exclusively with your CPU or GPU is possible. External GPUs are supported as well.

Important notes:

  • The upcoming CN Saber Proof-of-Work algorithm will significantly favor GPU over CPU hashing power.
  • Loading the available cores and GPUs can take some time.
  • Once mining has started, it can be stopped ONLY by clicking on the ‘Stop mining’ button. Closing the wallet does not stop the process running in the background.
  • Mining with Nvidia CUDA-enabled GPUs is supported until the fork on the 2nd of July.

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