How to mine TUBE?

Download the miner

You can mine TUBE with several software packages:

Setup the miner

This guide will focus on the official BitTube miner. The installation and configuration are largely identical to the xmr-stak miner by fireice. However, the latter does not feature a beginner-friendly non-expert option to start mining directly to the web wallet.

1. Unpack the contents of the archive to your desired location.
2. Run bittube-miner.exe
3. Select setup mode

Non-expert mode: start mining to your web wallet directly

1. “Are you an expert?” No.
2. This option will directly start mining to your web wallet on the default pool.
   *Make sure you are registered on
   *Confirm that the wallet address (located in pools.txt) matches with your web wallet.
3. Click on "Start Mining" at the left menu on to check statistics when mining to your web wallet.

Expert mode: setting everything up yourself

 1. “Are you an expert?” Yes.
 2. Do you want to use HTTP interface?  0.
 3. Enter the pool address, e.g. “”.
     Choose an alternative pool from
     Choose a port number (e.g. 13333, 15555, 17777)) best suited for your hardware.
 4. Enter your wallet address Optional: add a desired static difficulty in the form “walletaddress.difficulty”. This can greatly improve the efficiency and increase the accepted shares by the pool. Optimally use 40x your hash rate, e.g. 500 H/s x 40 = 20000.
 5. Enter Password: x
 6. Rig identifier: only applicable if you run multiple rigs on the same pool, e.g. “rig1”, “rig2”.
 7. TLS/SSL support? n
 8. Use Nicehash? n
 9. Use multiple pools? Optional (Yes: step 10 / No: step 11)
10. Choose yes, if you would like to add a fallback pool in case you lose connection to your main pool. For this option, the next step is setting the pool weight for the one that you just entered and subsequently repeating all the steps for your second or third pool. For example, if we choose as the main pool and as a fallback, the former needs to have weight 2 and the latter weight 1.
11. All done. If everything checks out, it will now start mining.

Tutorial video done by BitTube community: How-To Mine BitTube on XMR STAK 2.4.7

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