Pro membership features

Sign up for BitTube Pro and make your video presence stand out. Get access to unique features only available to Pro members.

Designed to boost video makers experience and offer tool sets for more exposure. The best choice for those who want to establish a worthy presence on the platform. Only Pro members will have the ability to publish video-on-demand productions. They can upload higher definition videos in 4K and 8K. Pro broadcasting channels will have multi-bitrate live streaming by default, as well as stream recording (rewind up to 3 hours). Features like channel stay and content protections are included in the subscription increasing security and overall Airtime.


Channel stay

Maintain your audience to your content. For the viewer, all related videos on the sidebar will be from your channel.

Place your video for rent or purchase

Sell your production as a premium available for 24/48/72 hours or lifetime period.

Content Protection

All uploads will be encrypted during upload to prevent unauthorized downloads.

Higher definition uploads

Upload 4K and 8K videos. Amaze your audience with superior quality and detail.

Multi-Bitrate Streaming

Provide fast start times and the best-possible experience for both high-end and low-end connections.

Live Rewind

Live streams are recorded in real-time so viewers can rewind up to 3 hours.

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