BitTube Debit Card

The debit card will allow you to spend your BitTube wallet funds conveniently in any store with a POS (Point-Of-Sale) system or withdrawing local currency from an ATM.

Shipping information will become available closer to the official KYC process.


KYC processes will be organized by the card issuer, you need to be at least 18 years of age and, of course, have registered a BitTube account.

How it works.

To obtain the card, you are required to stake 5000 TUBEs in the web wallet. Since users have full control over their private keys, in order to lock the amount, it will be transferred to a custodial wallet address. The staked coins will become available again if the user chooses to deactivate the card. Over time, the staking amount can be adjusted down according to a higher TUBE price. When that happens, it will be possible to withdraw the difference.

To purchase TUBEs, you can use any bank card to top up your web wallet balance, which is directly linked to the debit card. When spending TUBEs with the card, we will convert it on the fly to fiat currency, so you can go shopping with the BitTube debit card wherever Mastercard is accepted. A prepaid option, allowing you to hold a fiat balance on the card itself, will be explored later next year. Note: the card does not extend credit.

As a starting point, this BitTube debit card will have a monthly withdrawal limit equivalent to 1000 US dollars. As we increase our liquidity, we plan to have more cards with higher limits and additional perks in the near future.

In case the card is lost, stolen or damaged.

When the card is no longer in your possession or damaged, you will need to call us to block it, and we will swiftly send a new card your way.

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