Copyright Policy

BitTube is a search engine that only displays links to external data. All data accessible via these links are the responsibility of the IPFS users who have uploaded it. BitTube will never be able to delete this information in the event of copyright infringement by these users since BitTube has no administrative access to the IPFS network. On behalf of the actual rights holder, BitTube can remove entries from the BitTube search engine. In this way, however, the data remains accessible via the hash value with every IPFS reader from the IPFS network if a user knows this hash value or the link is stored in another search engine.
Alternatively, BitTube may assign the entries to the correct copyright holder, at least within the BitTube search engine, if this one has a BitTube user account and thus make the content liable for access via the BitTube Reader. Thus, the legitimate owner can generate income from this point in time despite the original copyright infringement with his data within the BitTube Services.
BitTube never owns the content of any user. The copyright always remains with the copyright holder. For BitTube, copyright is a worldwide accepted right of the creator. BitTube supports copyright holders to generate revenue from their content worldwide directly. BitTube removes intermediate earners from this revenue chain, who retain their own disproportionately high amounts of copyright income through the control and limitation of foreign copyrights.
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