How does BitTube work?

Extraordinary IPFS: endless scaling for peer-to-peer video and live streaming. BitTube is built on top of a customized, highly advanced IPFS protocol. It realizes pure peer-to-peer connections where every user, by visiting or the app, naturally becomes a storage node in the network. For reliable performance and redundancy, data is pinned onto the wider IPFS network and in seed nodes that any user can choose to run. The platform is not centrally hosted and is accessible via IPFS hash, making it exceptionally resistant to censorship. In future updates, video metadata and IPFS hashes will be stored on the blockchain for added immutability.
Proof-of-Work blockchain: a private cryptocurrency network secured by professional miners. BitTube coin (TUBE) is a private cryptocurrency based on the CN Saber Proof-of-Work algorithm. Professional miners secure the blockchain network, earning them block rewards that serve as the lifeblood of the entire ecosystem. A fixed share of the block reward is allocated for Airtime payouts. Learn more about mining in our Ultimate Mining Guide.
Airtime: Creators and viewers earn TUBE based on watch time. A 30% share of the block reward is reserved for the Airtime revenue model, hereby realizing an ad-free mechanism for users to earn with their content and attention. As content is consumed, payouts are distributed to creators and viewers based on watch time (‘airtime’), proportional to the platform-wide grand total airtime per block. Learn more about the Airtime model here.
Fully integrated payment system. All profiles on BitTube come with automatically generated wallet addresses, even those embedded from other platforms. Users will be able to buy and sell TUBEs against fiat currency directly on the platform, bypassing the need to register on third party exchanges and significantly lowering the threshold for mainstream adoption.
Products and services that will drive demand. Many products and services are being developed to boost the demand for TUBE. These include, but are not limited to: Premium Subscriptions, Video-on-Demand, Donations and tipping, Self-promotion, Channel Stay, Content Protection (encryption), Pro membership, BitTube Debit Mastercard (requires staking of 5000 TUBEs), Governance (stake TUBEs to become a moderator), Community marketplace (offer services and merchandise), Product Placement marketplace, etc.

AI-based copyright review and community-driven governance. Uploads are scanned by AI using ContentID and potential violations are tagged for review. To ensure censorship resistance, content curation, copyright infringement cases and moderation will be handled in a decentralized system that gives control to the community and reinforces fair use. In this way, malicious copyright strikes cannot be weaponized. The system will incentivize participants to play by the rules based on rewards and penalties.

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