What are "Upvotes" and why are they different from "Likes"?

What effect does "Likes" and Upvotes" have on BitTubers?

They are used to rank items in each sorting tab (new, trending, top, upcoming, controversial). Based on the mix of votes, likes and comments in a certain timeframe you can judge whether something is:

  • upcoming (gaining activity below trending threshold),
  • trending (crosses a treshold),
  • top (max upvotes),
  • controversial (high engagement but below expected votes, more comments than likes, etc)

Later the vote count (any engagement) over a given period for a certain #topic can be used to determine XP price to promote (buy "Upvotes" with XP) within that topic will: 

  • make it too expensive for very popular topics,
  • incentivize it for smaller topics to create diversification and attention arbitrage between #topics.

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