Upload media

Every upload on BitTubers starts as a post. 

1. Navigate to "Home" OR your profile page and click the "upload icon"

2. Select the file from your device.

Accepted formats:

  • jpg
  • jpeg
  • jfif
  • pjpeg
  • png (transparent backgrounds will be filled white)
  • webp
  • gif


  • mp3

  • m4v
  • mp4
  • webm


Video length is limited according to your membership status.

3. Add info about your post.

Title (*required)
The heading of your post.

Provide your audience with more details relevant to the uploaded media.

4. Available options.

Multiple images.
For uploading multiple images on a single post select "Create a gallery" (the button will appear after the first image have been selected)

To adjust the look of your image you can apply a filter from the list displayed next to the upload. 

Add location.
Add your current location.

Disturbing content.
Please toggle the options for NTFS (not safe for work) and/or NTFL (not safe for life) if your image or video contains disturbing scenes e.g. nudity, profanity and/or violence. Pornographic material is not permitted.

5. Click the "Post" button

After you have added all the details click the "post" button to submit your upload.

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