What is the purpose of the BitTube browser extension on BitTube.tv?

BitTube browser extension and BitTubers.com profiles use the same account. Signing up on either of them will create one cross-platform account meaning they share the same credentials.


The main reason you would like to enable the BitTube extension is to get access to your TUBE rewards. BitTubers is monetized by default via the AirTime module and each user earns when others are engaging with his/her content. Additionally, the extension provides functionalities like donations and rewards for browsing on the Internet. The wallet address where you receive earnings and donations is automatically generated for you. To access it you would need to login into the extension which can be done at any time.

The Social media platform can be used without the extension enabled and it is not obligatory to have it installed on your browser. If you decide at some point to check how much you have accumulated your earnings will be waiting for you.

Verification of mobile number

To become a verified user you have to verify a mobile number. Currently, this can be done only via the extension. To see how to verify follow this tutorial video:

Note: This functionality will be available via BitTubers in upcoming releases! Stay tuned.

Access to generated AirTime

The extension provides you with data about your BitTubers activity. Mainly the generated AirTime from your posts and the rewards send to your BitTubers wallet.

AirTime statistics chart

You can see your daily "AirTime", "counted AirTime and "Rewards".  Where “AirTime” is the total amount of time other users have watched your content. After a validation process, the approved amount is called “counted AirTime” which determines your “Rewards”. The validation process protects the AirTime from abuse and manipulation.

To access the chart open the extension navigate to "Link" menu > open "Already linked" tab > click on the graph icon next to "BitTubers- your username"

Hovering on a specific date will show you the data for that day. Please mind that the system transfers the rewards 3 days after they have been earned!

Access to BitTubers wallet account

Earnings, donations, donating to other users and any other transactions are recorded at your wallets page.

To access it open the extension and click on the "TUBE Wallets" icon 

Then open the dropdown menu and select your BitTubers account.

You can use the wallet address to send and receive funds or sell (convert) to fiat using the "Convert my TUBE" tab in the Account menu.

In conclusion, we can say that the BitTube extension is the main hub for managing your TUBE funds.

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