Where is my TUBE payment?

I have watched some videos the last few days. Where are my AirTime payments?
AirTime payments go out hourly. Your actual balance updates after one week, however, to give us time to catch illegitimate usage from bots or exploiters.
All payments happen 7 days after the coins are earned (recorded in the explorer). This is a 7-day continuous rolling window. 
Example: What you will earn today on Thursday will be paid to you in 7 days next Thursday.  What you will earn tomorrow on Friday, will be paid 7 days later the following Friday and so on.
Your AirTime needs time to be processed, confirmed and paid out. You're able to check the status of your balance here:

Select the date, enter your username or Airtime ID and click Filter or Enter.

Please make sure that the wallet address under your profile tab is the same as in explorer.bit.tube, as it determines where the AirTime payments and donations go.

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