How to migrate my profile to

Step 1: Get the BitTube browser or extension at

The AirTime extension is the hub where you manage TUBE funds and link social accounts including our legacy video platform!


The BitTube extension account is a separate registration from accounts signed up at

Step 2. Sign up for a BitTube account.


The AirTime extension account and the BitTubers account share the same credentials. Registering an account on BitTubers will create an extension account and vice versa. More details about the role of the extension on BitTubers here (opens in a new tab). 

If you prefer to read an article on how to create and verify follow this link -->
Alternatively, you can verify your account at


Only verified accounts can migrate videos!

Step 3. Log in to the extension and visit your profile at

When you visit with the extension enabled the system will offer you to link both accounts. You can link unlimited accounts to the extension hence to BitTubers. 

To link the account click on the link symbol located on the bottom of the sidebar menu.

In case both accounts use the same email address, they will be linked automatically.

Step 4. Visit your profile publications' tab on

When you hover on the video you wish to upload to BitTubers "MIGRATE" button will appear. 

To start the process click "MIGRATE".


Details about the process are displayed as a thumbnail. 

Only 10 processes can run simultaneously!

When a video has been published on BitTubers the button will show  "MIGRATED"

The post on BitTubers will appear immediately after the process finishes.

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