How to migrate my profile to


Linking your content to the new BitTubers platform is under development. The option will be available soon! 

The steps described below are to show how it will be done once the option is available!

Step 1: If you still don't have an extension account go and create one via the extension in Chrome, Firefox or the BitTube browser.


The BitTube extension account is a separate registration from accounts signed up at

Visit our official website and install our BitTube browser or extension for Chrome and Firefox. Then sign up. Here is how -->

Once you have a verified extension account you can log in with the same email and password to

The first step to migrating from to is to link your profile via the sidebar dashboard. To open the sidebar click on the BitTube symbol located on the lower right corner at You have to open, be logged in during the process and click on the link button (not available yet). After successful linking, you will get access to your wallet and an option to import your videos. Then you will be able to import all or part of your content.

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