Why I got "phone number is invalid"?

We do our best to provide a feasible solution for online monetisation. Wherever money is involved there will be always a risk from fraud and abuse. That is why we require phone verification prior to using our services. 

Although phone verification is one of the most effective ways for protection from fake user registrations it is not 100 % reliant. Additionally, we have blocked some mobile operators used for fake user registrations. If you are using services from one of the mobile providers we have restricted most probably when you try to verify your number it will show "phone number is invalid". We are aware there are legit people using their services and we are searching for a better solution where we can provide an easier and safer registration process. We apologise for the inconvenience.

The solution:

In such case please reach our help desk providing details about your account and we will be happy to verify your user.

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