Why I got "Suspicious activity detected" message?

The AirTime monetisation model has protection from manipulation attempts. It is making sure you as a user or publisher get fair earnings. The TUBE coins are generated through the mining process which makes the AirTime rewards pool a limited resource. Our goal is to establish a fair distribution system that you can trust.

Possible reasons for the  "suspicious activity" message:

  • You have installed the extension on two PCs at the same time and being active simultaneously.
  • You are browsing the internet for more than 20 hours per day.
  • Your account has been used via multiple IP addresses.
  • You have launched a bot that is imitating human activity online.

After correcting the above scenarios the message will go away and your account will be reinstated in 3 days.

Other reasons for not getting AirTime rewards:

  • Your browser does not grant permissions to the extension. (Go to chrome://extensions > extension details then "Permissions" it should be "On all sites")
  • You are using a firewall that prevents the extension to communicate with the Internet.
  • You have accidentally disabled the extension. (Hover on the profile picture to see if the ON/OFF sign is blue)

  • You have enabled the VPN service.

Another reason could be multiple users under one network. The system allows up to 5 users under one IP.

If you use the extension on a shared computer we kindly invite the other users to create their own account to avoid such a situation OR disable the extension when you leave the computer from the ON/OFF button.

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