How to link my website using cPanel?

If your website hosting offers you cPanel dashboard you can follow this guide to link your website.

Note: After successfully linked, your website will generate AirTime rewards from the visitors who have the BitTube extension enabled! We are working on a module that will allow you to monetise your website from all of your traffic without this requirement.

Step 1: Open the extension and select " Links" icon.

Step 2: Input the full URL of your domain including "https://" then click "Link account/domain" button.

Step 3: Download the verification file. Keep this page open!

Important Note: Make sure not to rename the file! Name should be exactly "bittube-verify.txt"

Step 5: Open cPanel dashboard and navigate to "File Manager"

Step 6: Open "Public_html" folder and click upload

Step 7: Upload the "bittube-verify.txt" file and make sure you are doing it in the "Public_html" folder

Step 8: Click "Verify" button at the page you downloaded the verification file.

If all went well you should get this:

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