AirTime rewards

What factors affect user earnings?

The chart in the user’s dashboard displays three values: 

  • “AirTime”, 
  • “Counted AirTime” 
  • “Rewards”

The system receives your “AirTime” which is the time your user id sends to the system. After a validation process, the approved amount is called “counted AirTime” which determines your “Rewards”. All users will be equally rewarded for the first 2 hours of activity dropping significantly after that. To increase this limitation different account levels will be available depending on the stacking amount.

AirTime payouts.

All payouts happen 7 days after the counted AirTime is verified! This is a 7-day continuous rolling window with a minimum of 1 TUBE transaction. If your counted AirTime is less than 1 TUBE the payout will happen 7 days after your counted AirTime reaches 1 TUBE.

Example: What you will earn today on Thursday will be paid to you in 7 days next Thursday.  What you will earn tomorrow on Friday, will be paid 7 days later the following Friday and so on.

Upcoming change.

After the hard fork in the end of January 2019 the rewards will be transferred to your wallet 3 days after they were earned!

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